Handmade Viking Lady Lunar Protective Pendant With Cross, Silver, Hand-Forged

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Viking lunar protective pendant with cross (symbol of Christianity) is hand-forged in pure silver with old traditional technologies. This amulet is full of style and is a fine gift for Viking art and history enthusiasts and fans.

Inspiration: 10-12 Century AD lunar pendant, early type - transition period to Christian symbols.

Size: 32 mm / 1,25 inch

Weight: 5 g

Material: sterling silver

Lunar pendant / Lunnitsa / Lunula is a famous female amulet, widespread among the peoples of the Baltic region. It was known in Scandinavia and in Kievan Rus and Finland. Lunnitsa personifies the cult of the Moon, the cult of fertility... - the feminine principle. The first lunar pendants appeared at the beginning of the Bronze Age. In Antiquity came first amulets of gold, resembling a sickle. Later they spread throughout Europe. Lunnitsa with the sign of the cross appeared after the adoption of Christianity in North Europe and has a double meaning - divine protection from evil and fertility.

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