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If you get acquainted with the art of Medieval Scandinavia, which has come down to us in the form of amazing pictorial ornaments, skillful runic inscriptions and magnificent skald poetry, it will be hard to call the Vikings as fearsome berserkers and conquerors.

Unfortunately we know so little about the artisans of Ancient Scandinavia, not many items have survived because of perishable character of raw materials. Basically, these are metal, stone, wood, antler and bone products.

Initially, the ornaments of ritual or everyday objects were quite quit schematic and primitive. Over time, when the technology for making iron objects and tools became more accessible, skilful art pieces became more widespread among all segments of the population, and not just the nobility, Vikings Kings and Jarls. But during the Wendel period (550-750), the name is given from the place of archaeological finds of that time, Wendel), the Scandinavians began to develop their own styles of visual arts.

Viking and Celtic medieval amulets were worn for a variety of purposes, including protection, luck, and magical power. Many of these amulets were made of materials like bronze, silver, or gold, and were often adorned with intricate designs and symbols.

Here are a few interesting facts about Viking and Celtic medieval amulets:

  1. One of the most common amulets in Viking culture was the Thor's Hammer, or Mjolnir. This amulet was worn for protection and to invoke the power of the god Thor.
  2. The Celts also had a number of protective amulets, including the St. Brigid's Cross. This cross, made of woven rushes, was believed to protect against fire and evil spirits.
  3. The Viking Valknut symbol, which consists of three interlocking triangles, was often used as an amulet to protect against harm during battle. It was also associated with Odin, the god of war and death.
  4. The Celts were known for their use of amulets made from natural materials like stone, bone, and wood. These amulets were often engraved with symbols or decorated with intricate designs.
  5. One of the most unusual Viking amulets is the "Huld" amulet, which was made from a human tooth. This amulet was believed to have protective powers and was worn by both men and women.
  6. Another common Celtic amulet was the "torc," a twisted metal necklace that was worn around the neck. These necklaces were often made of gold or silver and were highly valued for their beauty and protective qualities.

Overall, Viking and Celtic amulets were an important part of these cultures' religious and spiritual beliefs. They provide insight into the symbolism and mythology of these ancient societies, and are highly valued as historical artifacts.

The artworks of the Viking Age craftsmen often depicts animals: wolves, bears, snakes and all kinds of birds with special place giver to Odin Ravens and Falcons. The beasts had a symbolic role. It is assumed that they played the role of amulets, protectors of their owners, talismans. The depicted animals gave strength or special qualities necessary for the Vikings in battle and navigation.

The same applies to figures and images of the Norse Gods: Odin, Thor, Frey, his sister Freya and many others. Different amulets were helping to find protection of the divine patrons in battles or simply brought good luck.

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