Viking Gorgoneion Amulet, Antlers Hand-Carved

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Viking Gorgoneion Pendant recreated in moose antlers, inspired by original Viking pieces dated 10-11 Century AD.

The moose, deer antlers and wood were the most affordable raw materials used to carve and design ornate pieces. A common feature among Viking jewelry were animal designs taken from nature and Norse mythology. Bone jewellery was common among Viking men and women.

The Gorgon imagery remained popular even in Christian times, especially in the Byzantine Empire, including North Europe and Kievan Rus.

Size: about 5 cm / 1.9 inches

Materials*: moose antlers. No animal has been injured, as moose drop their antlers from late March to mid-April. Due to their strength and durability since ancient times, the moose antlers were used in the manufacture of weapons and jewelry.

As each amulet is hand-carved, some small details and sizes can slightly differ from the images in the photo.


* Recommendations for wear and storage: Avoid protracted heat (saunas, baths, direct sunlight), as well as contact with water and household chemicals.

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