Byzantine / Medieval / Kyivan Rus Body Cross with real Blue Enamel. Handmade replica

Byzantine / Medieval / Kyivan Rus Body Cross with real Blue Enamel. Handmade replica
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Introducing the exquisite Byzantine/Medieval/Kyivan Rus Body Cross with real Blue Enamel, a truly bright piece meticulously handcrafted by Algizrune Workshop. Each replica is a testament to ancient artistry and comes with a black leather cord for effortless wear.

Your purchase from not only brings you a stunning piece of history but also supports independent artists and artisans in Ukraine during these challenging times. Together, let us stand in solidarity against injustice. Glory to Ukraine!

Crafted from brass cartridges found on the battlefields of Ukraine, these crosses are inspired by famous Byzantine artworks and the Kyiv Type Body Cross from the 10th to 14th centuries. Adorned with real Blue enamel on both sides, these replicas are rare treasures cast by artisans from the Sumy region of Ukraine.

Measuring approximately 4.2 cm in height and 3.5 cm in width, these Kiev Body Crosses are a symbol of Ukrainian heritage, cast using medieval technologies reminiscent of a bygone era. Each piece is 100% handmade, echoing the craftsmanship of our ancestors.

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Pendant made by beeswax model casting, following the same techniques used by our ancestors 1000 years ago. Handmade in Pewter (Nickel-Silver) using traditional methods, each piece undergoes a meticulous lost wax process, ensuring the finest quality Viking jewelry.

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