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We Make Handmade Authentic Norse Style Artworks

Viking art, also known as Norse art, consists mostly of simple objects. The Vikings adorned everyday objects made of bone and wood with incredible zoomorphic carvings and fine metalwork made mostly in bronze and silver. Viking Art Pagan jewellery also has very special features as it has deep roots that go as far as Prehistoric times of 6-5th Millennium BC, when snakes and serpents were companions and protectors and were associated with Mother Goddess, the first true deity of Old European farmers.

Being researchers, we are also involved in projects related to artefact conservation and recreation of objects – known as experimental archaeology. This gives us unique knowledge of Viking technologies, helping to create historically authentic Viking-style artefacts and create something new using our understanding of Norse art motifs.




Amulets and pendants are made of moose antlers. No animal has been injured, as moose drop their antlers from late March to mid-April. Due to their strength and durability since ancient times, the moose antlers were used in the manufacture of weapons and jewelry.

Hand made

Our Viking jewelry is handmade from materials used by our Norse ancestors 1000 years back and it’s moose and elk antlers, wood, clay, silver, bronze or silver and steel for forging mainly. Each piece of our Viking jewelry or other Historical artefact is a replica of an original Viking art piece or has designs taken from genuine Viking artifact. Antlers art pieces are hand-carved in traditional way using Norse Art motifs and bone treating methods.

Due to the complexity of their form, each piece of silver or bronze Viking jewelry must be individually cast using a lost wax process, the same technique that was used by the ancient Viking smiths to produce their masterpieces. A wax master is used to create a mold for each item into which molten bronze or silver is poured. The mould is then destroyed in order to remove the casting and each individual piece of jewelry is then finished and polished by hand. The end result is simply the finest quality Viking jewelry you will ever see.

Have to reconfirm you that all items in our Store are handmade, hand-casted, hand-forged, hand-carved, etc. – all our art pieces are unique and will give you all the positive energy and power you deserve:)

Hvars þú böl kannt, kveð þú þér bölvi at ok gef-at þínum fjándum frið.

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