Byzantine / Medieval / Kyivan Rus Body Cross with real Enamel. Handmade replica

Patriotic Body Crosses from Ukraine - Medieval Christian Amulets replica
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Byzantine / Medieval / Kyivan Rus Body Cross with real Enamel. Handmade replica - a really Bright piece

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Thank you for Buying from Algizrune Workshop Your purchase helps support Independent artists and artisans in Ukraine during the time of war. Glory to Ukraine and all who stand against injustice!

Historical Body Cross casted from brass cartridges from the battlefields of Ukraine

Famous Byzantine artworks inspired Kyiv Type Body Cross, 10 - 14th century - replica

Crosses coming with real green enamel on both sides, rare Viking age / Medieval artefact replica casted by artisans from Sumy region of Ukraine in brass.

Kiev Body Cross made from melted military cartridges found on battlefields of Ukraine.
Historical size: H. about 4.2 cm only - W. 3.5 cm.

In case you looking for Ukrainian gift, you have found a unique handmade Ukrainian gift casted using Medieval technologies. It was in use 1000 years back in Kyiv, What could be more patriotic ?! Artwork is100 % handmade. In case you looking for Strong Jewelry piece associated with Ukraine here is the one. Free shipping worldwide! Thanks for view!

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Pendant made by Bees wax model casting - same way our ancestors did it 1000 years back - real handmade stuff from Ukrainian artisans.

Hand made in brass with old traditional technologies. Due to the complexity of their form, each piece of silver or bronze Viking jewelry must be individually casted using a lost wax process, the same technique that was used by the ancient Viking Smiths and Artisans to produce their masterpieces. A bees wax used to create a model and mould for each item into which molten bronze or silver is poured. The mould is then destroyed in order to remove the casting and each individual piece of jewelry is then finished and polished by hand. The end result is simply the finest quality Viking jewelry.

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