Crafting Norse Art Excellence: Premium Viking Drinking Horn Cups Collection - "Ragnarok"

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Brand: Algizrune Workshop Collection "SKAL"

Viking Drinking Horn Cup "Ragnarok" (Complete Set with Gift Bag). SKAL Collection from AlgizRune Workshop (Canada)

Embrace the Viking spirit with our Premium Quality Viking Drinking Horns and Mugs, thoughtfully designed as a gift set. Each set includes a beautifully crafted stylish gift bag for convenient storage or gifting, perfect for LARPing (Live-Action Role-Playing) adventures, as Viking movie props, Viking home or restaurant décor.

This mug available in two sizes, 400-500 ml and 800 ml - 1 Litre, these drinking horn cups are not just vessels; they're a piece of Viking heritage ready to elevate your drinking experience.

Carefully polished and cleaned top quality drinking horn that is safe to drink from. The shape and colour of the horn may differ from that in the picture. It suites cold drinks like Beer, Mead, Wine. Horn cups not suitable for strong alcohol drinks, dishwashing machines, microwaves, etc.

Wash it with warm water after using and it will work for you for 1000 years:)

Norse Horn cup masterpiece came from Algizrune Norse Pagan Arts Workshop Canada. Design protected by UK and Canadian Law.

Important: Free shipping for our SKAL horns cups made from Canada so import taxes may apply on importation and its buyer responsibility.

Ragnarok coming soon:

One of the most interesting aspects of Ragnarok, the Norse apocalyptic event, is its deep and complex symbolism, which extends beyond a mere end-of-the-world scenario. The concept of Ragnarok is particularly fascinating for several reasons:

  1. Moral Ambiguity: Ragnarok presents a unique feature in mythologies, as it blurs the lines between good and evil. In most mythological tales, gods and heroes are depicted as virtuous, and their adversaries are clearly malevolent. However, in Ragnarok, even the gods and their enemies are subject to their own fates. The gods are not entirely virtuous, and their actions have consequences. This moral ambiguity is a thought-provoking element of the Norse myth.
  2. Cyclic Nature: Ragnarok is not a final, ultimate end but rather part of a cyclical worldview. In Norse mythology, the world is destined to be destroyed and reborn, suggesting a recurring pattern of creation and destruction. This concept of cyclical time is distinct from many other mythologies, where the world is often portrayed as linear and finite.
  3. Inevitability and Fatalism: Ragnarok emphasizes the inevitability of fate and the notion that even the gods cannot escape their destinies. The gods themselves are subject to their preordained roles in the events leading up to Ragnarok, illustrating the pervasive theme of fate and the struggle against it.
  4. Cosmic and Natural Phenomena: The cataclysmic events of Ragnarok are often interpreted as symbolic of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions, which were significant concerns for the Norse people. This myth can be seen as an attempt to explain these natural phenomena through a mythological lens.
  5. Moral and Ethical Reflection: Ragnarok can be seen as a reflection of the harsh and unforgiving nature of the Norse world, which was marked by a harsh climate and a warrior culture. It offers an opportunity for contemplation on themes of bravery, sacrifice, and the acceptance of one's fate in the face of inevitable doom.

Ragnarok was popular in the mythology of the ancient Norse people, who lived in what is now Scandinavia. These myths were a significant part of the cultural and religious beliefs of the Norse, including the Vikings. The countries of modern-day Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland are particularly associated with the Norse myths and the concept of Ragnarok. These myths have endured through the centuries and have had a lasting impact on the literature, art, and popular culture of these regions. Today, Norse mythology and the story of Ragnarok continue to captivate people worldwide, maintaining their popularity through various forms of media and storytelling.

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