Crafting Norse Art Excellence: Premium Viking Drinking Horn Cups Collection - "World Serpent"

Premium Quality Viking Drinking Horns and Mugs from SKAL Collection of AlgizRune Art - Drink it All!
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Brand: Algizrune Workshop Collection "SKAL"

Viking Drinking Horn Cup "World Serpent" (Complete Set with Gift Bag)

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Embrace the Viking spirit with our Premium Quality Viking Drinking Horns and Mugs, thoughtfully designed as a gift set. Each set includes a beautifully crafted stylish gift bag for convenient storage or gifting, perfect for LARPing (Live-Action Role-Playing) adventures, as Viking movie props, Viking home or restaurant décor.

This mug available in two sizes, 400-500 ml and 700 ml - 1 Litre, these drinking horn cups are not just vessels; they're a piece of Viking heritage ready to elevate your drinking experience.

Carefully polished and cleaned top quality drinking horn that is safe to drink from. The shape and colour of the horn may differ from that in the picture. It suites cold drinks like Beer, Mead, Wine. Horn cups not suitable for strong alcohol drinks, dishwashing machines, microwaves, etc.

Wash it with warm water after using and it will work for you for 1000 years:)

Norse Horn cup masterpiece came from Algizrune Norse Pagan Arts Workshop Canada. Design protected by UK and Canadian Law.

Important: Free shipping for our SKAL horns cups made from Canada so import taxes may apply on importation and its buyer responsibility.

Jormungandr Story:

In the ancient realm of the Norse gods, there existed a colossal serpent known as Jormungandr, the World Serpent. This creature was born of the trickster god Loki and the giantess Angrboða. As it grew, it became so massive that it encircled the entire world, its body stretching across the vast oceans and seas.

The gods, led by Odin, knew that Jormungandr posed a great threat to the world. They attempted to subdue the serpent and cast it into the deep ocean, where it coiled itself around the ocean floor, growing ever larger and more powerful. Jormungandr's venomous breath and his relentless thrashing in the depths caused tumultuous storms and treacherous tides, endangering sailors and the world itself.

The prophecy foretold that during Ragnarok, the cataclysmic end of the world, Jormungandr would rise from the depths to face its arch-nemesis, Thor, the god of thunder. The two would engage in a mighty battle that would culminate in their mutual destruction.

As foretold, during Ragnarok, Jormungandr did indeed rise from the ocean's depths to confront Thor. The battle that ensued was of epic proportions, shaking the very earth and heavens. With his powerful hammer, Mjolnir, Thor struck Jormungandr with all his might, but the serpent's venomous breath weakened the god. Ultimately, Thor vanquished the serpent, but not without succumbing to the venom himself, dying from the serpent's poison only moments after his victory.

The death of Jormungandr marked the beginning of the end of the world, as foretold in the prophecy of Ragnarok. The world was plunged into chaos and darkness, with the gods and giants engaging in their final battles. The world, as it was known, was fated to be reborn anew, and a fresh beginning awaited those who survived the cataclysm.

And so, the tale of Jormungandr, the World Serpent, is one of ancient Norse mythology, a powerful symbol of the cyclical nature of life and the inevitable forces of destruction and rebirth that shape the world.

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