Extra-Large Historical Look Viking Kings Drinking vessel, Wood Hand Carved and patinated with Organic bees wax

Most Beautiful Viking King Pagan wedding Ritual Bowl from Europe
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Vikings Ritual wood vessel, Tankard or SKAL bowl to share fine Mead in good company!:)

It can be also used for Pagan wedding as Drinking vessels for brides.

Material: linden wood (basswood, lime tree), linseed oil with wax

Size: L. 36 cm / 14.2 Inches W. 15.5 cm. / 6.1 Inches H. 15 cm / 6.2 Inches

Weight: about 600 g.

Historically confirmed that Vikings did use wooden drinking vessels, also known as "mugs" or "tankards," for drinking various beverages, including mead and ale.

Wooden drinking vessels were relatively common during the Viking Age due to the abundance of wood in Scandinavia and their ease of construction. They were typically made from a single piece of wood and were sometimes decorated with intricate carvings and made in shape of Vikings ships with Dragon heads.

It's worth noting that Vikings also used drinking horns made from animal horns or tusks, as well as pottery and glass vessels obtained through trade or raiding. The specific drinking vessel used often depended on the occasion and the status of the person drinking.

SKOL is Viking Mead Drinking Vessels are interesting because they are inspired by the traditional drinking wood bowls used by the Vikings during their feasts and celebrations. These vessels are made from natural wood in high stile (for Kings and Jarls), which has been shaped in a form of Drakkars - Vikings long ships and polished to create a unique and authentic drinking experience.

Using of natural wood to create drinking vessels is a sustainable and eco-friendly practice.

In addition to being eco-friendly, SKOL Viking Mead Drinking Vessels are also designed to enhance the taste of the mead. The shape of the wood bowls is said to improve the flavor and aroma of the mead, while the natural insulating properties of the wood help to keep the mead at the optimal temperature for drinking.

SKOL Viking Mead Drinking Vessels are also adorned with authentic Viking designs, such as runes and knotwork, which adds to their appeal as a unique and authentic piece of Viking culture. They make a great gift for anyone interested in Viking history or mead drinking.

While there is no definitive evidence of specific wedding drinking vessels used by the Vikings, it is likely that they had special drinking vessels for use during wedding ceremonies and feasts.

Weddings were important occasions in Viking society, and they were typically celebrated with a feast that lasted several days. Drinking and eating played a significant role in these festivities, and it's probable that special drinking vessels were used to mark the occasion.

One possible example of a special drinking vessel associated with weddings is the bride's cup, which was a type of drinking vessel used in medieval Europe. This cup was often in the shape of a woman, and the bride would drink from it during the wedding feast, symbolizing her new role as a wife.

While there is no direct evidence that the Vikings used the bride's cup, it is possible that they had similar traditions and special drinking vessels for use during weddings and other important occasions.

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