Gotland Bracelet / Oath Ring with Dragons Terminals, Sterling Silver, Handmade

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Brand: Z-Rune Norse Pagan Arts Workshop

This Premium Quality Vikings - Gotland Motifs Bracelet handmade in Europe by Pagan Artisans (Check photos of creation process).

The Viking bracelet with Dragon heads terminals is a stunning replica of the famous bracelet artifacts found from Swedish island - Gotland.

This massive and voluminous art work is handmade according to ancient Viking techniques that requires a deep attention to details and high skills from the master. Thin silver threads are forged and woven into the bracelet during the process.

Size: our standard size for the wrist of 17-19 cm / 6.7- 7.5 inches. Let us know if you need another size, we can do based on your order requirements.

The bracelet can be gently fit your wrist (+ - 2 is fine). A bit adjustable.

Weight: 50 g.

In Viking Series, they're arm rings / Ragnar (Vikings) Oath ring / Bracelet. They're meant to signify a boy becoming a man and his allegiance to the Jarl. In the first season, we see Bjorn get his.

The Gotland bracelet with dragons is an important artifact because it is one of the most famous and well-preserved examples of Viking Age metalwork. It was found in a Viking hoard on the Swedish island of Gotland, which was a major center of Viking activity during the 9th and 10th centuries.

The bracelet itself is made of silver and is decorated with intricate dragon motifs. The dragons are highly stylized and show a mix of Celtic, Viking, and other cultures influences.

The importance of the Gotland bracelet with dragons lies not only in its beauty and craftsmanship, but also in what it tells us about Viking culture and art. The Viking Age was a time of great artistic achievement, and the bracelet with dragons is a prime example of the high level of skill and creativity that was present during this period.

Additionally, the bracelet is an important historical artifact because it gives us insight into the Vikings' interactions with other cultures. The mix of Celtic, Viking, and other European Cultures motifs on the bracelet suggests that the Vikings were highly skilled at adapting and incorporating elements from other cultures into their own art and traditions.

Overall, the Gotland bracelet with dragons is an important artifact that provides valuable information about Viking culture, art, and history.

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