Handmade Lewis Chessmen, the King, Hand-Carved Antique Chess Piece Replica, Moose Antlers

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Brand: Z-Rune Norse Pagan Arts Workshop

The King seated with a sword lying across his knees, Antique Chess Piece recreation in bone / Moose antlers.

We are offering Famous Lewis Chessmen "Vikings" Chess Set figurines recreated by artisans from Eastern Europe.

Probably its one of the most beautiful from legendary set that currently on display of British and Scotland Museums.

Inspiration: Medieval Lewis Chessmen Chess Set usually dated 12th – early 13th century.

King size: 10 cm / 3.9 inches

Carved from moose antlers, unique hand-made piece from Algizrune workshop.

In case you can be interested in complete set that coming in White and Red colors, please send us an email to our info@z-rune.com - till today no complete set recreated in bone exist but we have many collectors who ordering single pieces and groups of chess replicas.

Lewis Chessman set fact file:

Date: late 12th – early 13th century

Found in 1831, on a beach at Uig, Lewis, Scotland

Made in Probably Trondheim, Norway

Made from walrus ivory and sperm whale tooth

Height 60-100mm

Museum reference H.NS 19-29. On display Kingdom of the Scots, Level 1, National Museum of Scotland

The eleven chess pieces on display in the Museum of Scotland were part of a large hoard buried on Lewis. The hoard contained 93 gaming pieces in total, including from at least four chess sets as well as from other games. The chess pieces were probably made in the late 12th or early 13th century in Norway.

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