Handmade Snake Mother Goddess, Fired Clay - Terracotta, Patinated piece, Genuine look Neolithic artefacts Replica (COPY)

Neolithic Age Mother Goddess Terracotta, First Gods of Old Europe (Museum Quality Replica)
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Brand: Z-Rune Norse Pagan Arts Workshop
Handmade Unique Danube Culture Great Mother Goddess Figurine - unique actual piece offer.
Inspiration: Danube culture goddess
Size: Height approximately 8 cm
Material: Fired clay - Terracotta
This exquisite figurine is a unique, handmade representation typical of the Danube culture's Great Mother Goddess. The term "Danubian culture" was coined to describe the first agrarian society in central and eastern Europe. This prehistoric culture, flourishing along the banks of the Danube River, was once the largest civilization in Europe. The inhabitants of the Lower Danube Valley and the Balkan foothills were pioneers in art, technology, and long-distance trade.
European Mother Goddesses:
The concept of the Great Mother Goddess is a recurring theme in European prehistoric cultures, symbolizing fertility, motherhood, and the earth's generative forces. These figurines are often associated with the Neolithic period and are found across various ancient European civilizations. They represent the reverence early agrarian societies had for nature's cycles and the female form as the ultimate symbol of life and renewal.
The Danube culture, in particular, produced remarkable artifacts that showcase advanced artistic skills and deep spiritual beliefs. These figurines, often referred to as Neolithic Venus or Mother Goddess statues, are characterized by their detailed features and the use of natural materials like terracotta.
Significance of the Great Mother Goddess: Symbol of Fertility and Abundance: The Mother Goddess figurines are believed to be symbols of fertility, abundance, and the nurturing aspects of nature.
Ritualistic Use: Many scholars suggest these figurines were used in rituals to ensure good harvests, fertility, and protection of the community.
Artistic Heritage: The craftsmanship of these figurines indicates a sophisticated understanding of materials and artistic expression, highlighting the cultural and spiritual life of early European societies.
Cultural Heritage: The Danube culture and its remarkable artifacts provide invaluable insights into the early European societies that shaped the continent's prehistoric era. These communities were advanced in their agricultural practices, artistic expressions, and long-distance trade, making significant contributions to the cultural heritage of Europe.
Collector's Item:
This unique figurine from the Algizrune Pagan Arts Workshop is not just an artwork but a piece of history. The patina closely resembles that of original prehistoric Mother Goddess figurines found in museums, making it a valuable addition to any collection. It can also serve as an altar piece, connecting you to the ancient spiritual traditions of Old Europe.
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