Handmade Viking Lunula Protective Pendant With Christian Cross, Silver, Hand-Forged, Inspired by Original Artefacts

Handmade Viking Lunula Protective Pendant With Christian Cross, Silver, Hand-Forged, Inspired by Original Artefacts
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Brand: AlgizRune Art

Viking women Lunar pendant with cross (symbol of Christianity) is hand-forged in pure silver with old traditional technologies.

10th Century Original Viking Age Zoomorphic design.

Lunula - Lunar Pendant with Cross and Floral Motif, Viking age Evil Eye Protection amulet replica in silver.

Weight abut 5 g. Size: 28 х 26 mm ( 1.08 х 1.04 inch ) -
Historical size and weight.

100% handmade by artisans in Europe with usage of Medieval jewellery casting technologies.

Historical Viking Jewellery recreation project from Z-Rune Pagan Arts Workshop. Patinated as Ancient Artefact.

Inspiration: 10-12 Century AD lunar pendant, early type - transition period to Christianity and Cross as main religious symbol. Lunula casting mould made from Viking age original artefact.

Material: silver 925

Lunar pendant / Lunnitsa / Lunula is a famous female amulet, widespread among the peoples of the Baltic region. It was known in Scandinavia and in Kievan Rus and Finland. Lunnitsa personifies the cult of the Moon, the cult of fertility... - the feminine principle. The first lunar pendants appeared at the beginning of the Bronze Age. In Antiquity came first amulets of gold, resembling a sickle. Later they spread throughout Europe. Lunnitsa with the sign of the cross appeared after the adoption of Christianity in North Europe and has a double meaning - divine protection from evil and fertility.

Lunula (amulet) other common name for this type of jewelry:

A lunula (plural: lunulae) was a crescent moon shaped pendant worn by upper class girls in Ancient Rome. Girls ideally wore them as an apotropaic amulet, the equivalent of the boy's bulla symbol. In the popular belief the Roman people wore amulets usually as a talisman, to protect themselves against evil forces, demons and sorcery, but especially against the evil eye.

In Plautus` famous play, Epidicus asks the young girl Telestis: "Don't you remember my bringing you a gold lunula on your birthday, and a little gold ring for your finger?" An explicit definition is provided by Isidore of Seville: "Lunulae are female ornaments in the likeness of the moon, little hanging gold bullae." But in Plautus' play Rudens, Palaestra says her father gave her a golden bulla on the day of her birth.

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More information related to Importance of Lunar Pendants:

Lunar Pendant is one of the most common amulets that have existed for many epochs and have been part of the women's attire. With all the variety of forms and techniques of execution, their general resemblance to the Moon remains unchanged, embodying the lunar cult, fertility and the feminine.

It's really unique handmade artwork - will perfectly suits to Shieldmaidens of any age. Archaeological finds confirmed that Viking women / Shieldmaden used Lunar pendant as protection amulet.

Vikings and Slavic amulets are designed to protect a person, his home, his family from troubles, illnesses and failures. Each of the amulets has its own individual purpose. This allows a person to choose exactly the amulet that he needs. However, the amulet itself will not work if it is not charged in time. In the old days, this was done by the Magi, who specialized in charging amulets with power. Today, the amulet can always be charged independently by following a simple procedure. The first thing to do is to find a calm and quiet place where no one will disturb you, distract you from right thoughts, and where you are very comfortable.

The second important factor is pure thoughts. You must sincerely wish that the amulet will protect you from trouble, while you should not have any ulterior motives and thoughts about harm to other people.

To determine a place, it is enough just to focus your attention on feelings and sensations, remember the main goal for which you are doing this. Focus on what your amulet will protect you from. The elements of earth, water, rain and sun will help you find the best place to charge the amulet. Most often, amulets are charged near flowing water, which allows you to enter the state necessary for this process.

A very important feature of amulets is that they never protect evil people with dashing thoughts.

Charms for women
Since women are not only the keepers of the hearth, but also the continuers of the human race, their protection was treated with special attention. If a man could wear one amulet, then a woman was supposed to wear many more amulets. Moreover, it was women in Slavic families who were responsible for making amulets. As a rule, this task fell on the shoulders of the oldest, and therefore the wisest of all women.

Magic protective symbols were very often depicted on household items and embroidered on clothes, however, most often they were created in the form of beautiful decorations and jewellery. As we already understand our ancestors not use jewellery for fashion but with only purpose to protect its wearer from dark forces.

Regarding Lunar Pendants or Lunula, this amulet brings love and true female happiness, and therefore rightfully occupied one of the leading places among many of the fair sex. In addition, this amulet provided its owner with health and beauty, and also took care of procreation. It was for the latter property that it was recommended to be used by pregnant women. It was believed that Lunnitsa - Lunula helps to painlessly survive childbirth.

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