NEW! Celtic Hero Head - Historical Celtic art inspired artwork, Natural wood, Handmade

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NEW Celtic artwork from Algizrune Workshop / Ukraine!

Celtic King / Hero or Celtic God Head

Historical Celtic art inspired artwork, natural wood (Original Statue can be seen on the 2nd photos to this lot).

It high and solid: about 24 - 26 cm - same size as original Prehistoric master artwork.

Material: Basswood (Wood)

Special patination made so it looks like historical Artifact.

Thank you all for your kindness and support of Independent European Pagan Artisans.

The Celts created life-size wooden statues of human figures, which stood at sacred sites, both natural and purpose-built. The carved wooden statues are usually featureless (but not always, some are very realistic) and wear a hooded cloak. The figures may well have been adorned with massive neck torcs which have also been recovered and were too large and heavy to be worn by a person. Another type of sculpture erected at sacred sites was carved stone pillars, sometimes with four sides, sometimes hemispherical and all decorated with heads and or complex vegetal designs.

For original sold on Sotheby's:

Description: A Celtic Limestone Head of a Man
Height 32 cm.
with long roughly worked beard and mustache, and slightly tapering nose merging into the large circular eyes, the back of the head unworked.

NEW Celtic artwork from Alsgizrune Workshop (Ukraine)

Materials *: Natural Organic Basswood


* Recommendations for storage: Avoid protracted heat (direct sunlight), as well as contact with water and household chemicals or water.

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