Hand-Carved Basswood Statues: Old Norse Gods - Loki, Baldr, and Sif

Hand-Carved Basswood Statues: Old Norse Gods - Loki, Baldr, and Sif
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Patinated Norse Gods Idols Set - Loki, Baldr, and Sif

Welcome to AlgizRune Art, where ancient myths come to life in handcrafted reverence. Behold our exclusive set of patinated Norse Gods idols, meticulously carved from linden wood (also known as basswood or lime tree) with unparalleled craftsmanship. This set comprises three divine figures: Loki, Baldr, and Sif, each encapsulating the essence of their respective tales.

God Loki: Crafted with an enigmatic gaze and a cunning smile, Loki stands as the embodiment of chaos and trickery in Norse mythology. Known as the shape-shifter and the father of monsters, Loki is a complex deity whose unpredictable nature challenges conventional understanding. Despite his mischievous antics, Loki remains an essential figure in the Norse pantheon, representing the necessary balance between order and chaos.

God Baldr: Radiating an aura of serenity and purity, Baldr emerges as the epitome of light and beauty among the Norse gods. Revered for his radiant presence and invulnerability, Baldr embodies the ideals of peace, harmony, and innocence. Yet, his tragic fate at the hands of deceit casts a poignant shadow over his divine countenance, reminding us of the fragility inherent in all things precious.

Goddess Sif: Graceful and resplendent, Sif captivates with her flowing locks of golden hair, symbolizing the fertile fields and bountiful harvests under her domain. As the goddess of fertility and abundance, Sif holds a vital role in Norse mythology, embodying the nurturing aspect of the natural world. Her union with Thor, the thunder god, speaks of the symbiotic relationship between fertility and strength, ensuring the vitality of the earth and its inhabitants.

Offering: This unique set of Norse Gods statues transcends mere craftsmanship; it is a testament to the enduring allure of ancient myths and the timeless wisdom they impart. Whether displayed on a Pagan altar, adorning a sacred space, or gracing a collector's shelf, these patinated idols serve as conduits to the rich tapestry of Norse mythology, inviting contemplation and reverence.

Special Seasonal Offer.

Dimensions: Each statue stands at a height of 18 cm (7.1 inches), making them ideal for both intimate shrines and expansive displays.

Embrace the mystique of the Norse pantheon with our exclusive set of patinated Norse Gods idols, only at AlgizRune Art.

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