Odin Cross, Viking Solar Necklace With Odin Rune, Hand-Carved, Moose Antlers

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Brand: AlgizRune Art

Odin Cross, Solkor, Viking Solar Amulet with Odin Rune, traditional Norse bone carving.

This pendant became famous because its looks to be Einar Selvik, Wardruna Norse Music Band leader, favorite Pagan pendant. It is really positive and full of energy. This piece of Nordic Pagan jewelry will perfectly suits both Vikings and Shieldmaidens.

Price: for 1 pcs

Size: 3 cm / 1.18 inches

Material: moose antlers. No animal has been injured, as moose drop their antlers from late March to mid-April. Due to their strength and durability since ancient times, the moose antlers were used in the manufacture of weapons and jewelry*.


* Recommendations for wear and storage: Avoid protracted heat (saunas, baths, direct sunlight), as well as long time contact with water and household chemicals.

Product tags: Historical Norse People amulets hand-carved in bone and wood, Pagan pendants, necklaces and totemic artworks, Norse Pagan rituals and altars. Vikings traditional gifts

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