Scandinavian Viking Bracelet 6 Rods (Pagan Oath Ring)

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This Premium Quality Vikings Bracelet handmade in Europe by Algiz-Rune Workshop Pagan Artisans (Check photos related to creation process).

Scandinavian Viking Oath Ring - 'twisted wire' bracelet handmade with old traditional technologies.

These bracelets became popular for Pagan couples wedding ceremony and used as oath rings as per old Viking traditions.

Inspiration: 9-12 Century AD Oath Ring.

Inner D.: 66 x 50 mm. - can be easily fixed for wearer arm + - 3 cm.

Size: our standard size for the wrist of 17-19 cm / 6.7- 7.5 inches. Let us know if you need another size, we can do based on your order requirements.

Material: Nickel-Silver / Pewter metal.

Weight is about 25 g.

Product Tags: Historical Vikings Jewellery, Vikings Twisted Bracelet / Oath Ring, Viking Serpent Shaped Jewelry, Vikings Armband, Vikings Jewellery commissions invited, Handmade Viking jewelry and amulets

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