Stand with Ukraine! Patriotic Ukrainian Amulet from war zone, Handmade Norse Motifs Trident Pendant, inspired by Ukrainian National Coat of arms, Brass

Stand with Ukraine! Patriotic jewelry, Handmade Kievan Rus Body Cross with Yellow Enamel
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Thank you for Buying from Algiz Rune Workshop Your purchase helps support Independent artists and artisans in Ukraine during the time of war. Glory to Ukraine and all who stand against injustice!

UA stylized Trident (Tryzub) forged from brass cartridges from the battlefields of Ukraine

Handmade Norse Motifs Trident Pendant, inspired by Ukrainian National Symbol, Brass

It is known that Ukrainian National Symbol Trident came from Rurikids Family - Knights - Rulers of Kievan Rus.

Pendant made by Bees wax model casting - same way our ancestors did it 1000 years back - real handmade stuff from Ukrainian artisans.

Ukrainian patriotic jewelry often features national symbols and motifs that represent Ukrainian culture and heritage. These symbols can include the trident, the tryzub, which is the national emblem of Ukraine, the coat of arms, the Ukrainian flag, and traditional Ukrainian embroidery patterns.

Some examples of Ukrainian patriotic jewelry include:

  • Pendants and necklaces featuring the tryzub or other national symbols.
  • Bracelets and cuffs adorned with traditional Ukrainian embroidery patterns.
  • Earrings and brooches featuring the colors of the Ukrainian flag.
  • Rings and cufflinks featuring the Ukrainian coat of arms.

Ukrainian patriotic jewellery can be worn as a symbol of national pride and identity, and is often worn during national holidays and events. It can also make a great gift for someone with Ukrainian roots or a love for Ukrainian culture all good people who support and stand with Ukraine during the Ragnarok.

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