Twisted Gotland Bracelet / Oath Ring with Dragon Heads Terminals, Bronze, Handmade

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This Premium Quality Vikings Gotland Bracelet handmade in Europe by Algiz-Rune Workshop Pagan Artisans (Check photos related to creation process).

The Viking bracelet with Dragon heads.

Inspiration: the famous bracelet (Oath ring) artifact found in Swedish island Gotland.

This massive and voluminous art work is handmade according to ancient Early Viking Age techniques that requires a deep attention to details and high skills from the master. Thin bronze threads are forged and woven into the bracelet during the process.

Size: our standard size for the wrist of 17-19 cm / 6.7- 7.5 inches. Let us know if you need another size, we can do based on your order requirements.

The bracelet can be gently fit your wrist (+ - 2 is fine). A bit adjustable.

Weight: 50 g.

In Viking Series, they're arm rings / Ragnar (Vikings) Oath ring / Bracelet. They're meant to signify a boy becoming a man and his allegiance to the Jarl. In the first season, we see Bjorn got his.

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