Viking Axe Wall Mount Holder "Huginn and Muninn", Hand-Forged antique look Ironwork

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Viking Axe Wall Mount / Display stand
Huginn and Muninn Hand forged Ironwork - Norse Battle axe wall mount display stand.
You can choose any place for you valuable Viking Axe now and put your battle Axe on the special place it deserves.
Size: 30 x 23 cm.
Shipping weight: 1 kg.
Material: Steel, Re-Enactor’s Supplies, Hand forged Ironwork
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Perfect to make you beautiful Viking axe hang on the wall. For decoration or use as an ax holder. Made of cold steel in forge and fixed to the wall with metal screws.
Suitable for all types of Viking Axes.
The Wall mount / Axe holder does not include the axe
Made from strong, durable steel with antique look.
Each hook is coated with beeswax using traditional blacksmith methods. This protects the metal from moisture and rust.
The hooks are each 3.5 inches long featuring a hammered texture.

Huginn and Muninn are two important figures in Norse mythology, often depicted as a pair of ravens who accompany the god Odin. The names "Huginn" and "Muninn" mean "thought" and "memory" respectively in Old Norse.

According to Norse mythology, Odin would send Huginn and Muninn out into the world each day to gather information and bring it back to him. They were said to fly throughout the Nine Worlds and even to the land of the dead, bringing Odin news of events and potential threats.

What's particularly interesting about Huginn and Muninn is that they are sometimes depicted as having human-like intelligence and the ability to speak. This is not a common trait for ravens in mythology, but it emphasizes their important role as Odin's trusted messengers and advisors.

Additionally, Huginn and Muninn have become a popular symbol in modern culture, often used to represent wisdom, knowledge, and the importance of communication. They have been referenced in literature, music, and even popular TV shows like Game of Thrones.

A beautiful hand-forged Viking axe can certainly look impressive when displayed on a special stand. A stand can not only enhance the axe's visual appeal but also provide a safe and stable way to showcase the artifact.
However, the choice of stand will depend on personal preferences and the context in which the axe is being displayed. For example, if you intend to display the axe in a museum or gallery, you may want to consider a stand that meets professional conservation standards and complements the exhibit's design.
If you're displaying the axe in a home or personal collection, you may choose a stand that matches the axe's aesthetic, such as a wooden stand with intricate carvings or a minimalist Norse motifs metal stand. The stand can also be used to highlight the historical significance of the axe or to create a thematic display with other Viking artifacts.
Overall, a special stand can certainly enhance the visual appeal and display of a beautiful hand-forged Viking axe, but the choice of stand should be based on personal preferences and the intended display context.


We also accept Wholesale and Custom Personalized orders. If you want to Engrave something like Name, Logo, Symbol, Image, Runes etc.. Viking Axe Wall mount holder in the shape of Huginn and Muninn Odin's ravens.
Hand forged with old traditional technologies Viking Axe wall mount / holder / stand / special Viking style wall decoration to display your Scandinavian Axe.

We also looking for special orders for historical daggers, swords and axes handles (we are doing Viking, Celtic all kind of Mediaeval types and patterns).

Samples of our works can be send on request.
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