Viking Bracelet with Wolfs Heads, Foxtail Chain, Brass, Handmade

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This Premium Quality Vikings Bracelet handmade in Europe by Algiz-Rune Workshop Pagan Artisans (Check photos related to creation process).

The Viking bracelet with Wolfs heads (Historical Viking Age chain recreation). The bracelet is made of separate soldered rings, this type of chain is known as foxtail.

This art piece is handmade according to ancient Early Viking Age techniques that requires a deep attention to details and high skills from the master. Foxtail, sometimes called wheat chain, has a medium density yet loose weave. It results in a stronger, smoother chain. The bracelet is made with large gaps between rings, which allows you to bend it very gently and not jam.

  • Size: our standard size for the wrist of 16-18 cm / 6.7- 7.5 inches. Let us know if you need another size, we can do based on your order requirements.
  • Weight: 37 g.
  • Material: brass

  • 100% handmade
  • Free worldwide shipping

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