Viking Solar Necklace / Amulet, Odin Cross, Hand-carved, Antlers

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Viking Solar / Wheel of Fortune Amulet, traditional Norse carving. This Wardruna Pagan pendant is hand-carved from moose antlers and has slightly polished face side.

Size: 3 cm / 1.18 inches

Material *: moose antlers. No animal has been injured, as moose drop their antlers from late March to mid-April. Due to their strength and durability since ancient times, the moose antlers were used in the manufacture of weapons and jewelry.

Solar amulets were important and widely used among Norse Pagans as they believed that the sun was a powerful force that provided life-giving warmth and light to the world. These amulets were often worn or carried by individuals as a means of protection and as a way to connect with the power of the sun.

The sun was considered to be a symbol of strength, courage, and vitality. It was associated with the god Baldur, who was known as the god of light and beauty. Baldur was often depicted as a shining and radiant figure, and he was believed to bring light and warmth to the world.

One of the most popular solar amulets was the sun-wheel, also known as the solar cross. This symbol was made up of four intersecting lines, which represented the four seasons and the four directions. The sun-wheel was often worn as a pendant, and it was believed to provide protection against evil spirits and bad luck.

Another popular solar amulet was the sun disk, which was often worn as a necklace. The sun disk was a circular symbol that represented the sun itself. It was believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and happiness to the wearer.

Overall, solar amulets were made in metals and mainly bone and antler and were an important part of Norse Paganism, as they represented the power and importance of the sun in the natural world. They were used as a means of protection and connection with the gods, and they were believed to bring good fortune and blessings to those who wore them.


* Recommendations for wear and storage: Avoid protracted heat (saunas, baths, direct sunlight), as well as contact with water and household chemicals.

Creation time is 4-5 days from the date of purchase. As each amulet is hand-carved, some small details and sizes can slightly differ from the images in the photo.

Shipping from Poland.

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