Viking Solar Pendant / Amulet, Handmade, Antlers

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Solkor / Odin Cross antlers bone carving

Viking Solar / Wheel of Fortune Amulet, traditional Norse carving. This Einar Selvik from Wardruna inspired Pagan pendant is hand-carved from moose antlers.

Size: 5 cm / 2 inches

Material: moose antlers.

No animal has been injured, as moose drop their antlers from late March to mid-April.) Due to their strength and durability since ancient times, the moose antlers were used in the manufacture of weapons and jewelry.

Creation time is 2 days from the date of purchase. As each amulet is hand-carved, some small details and sizes can slightly differ from the images in the photo.

Item tags: Historical Viking Pagan jewellery and amulets. Odin Cross, Solkor, Old Pagan Symbols, Germanic Gods. Norse art, Scandinavian bone carving traditions, Nordic mythological protection amulets, Ancient Solar pendant. Norse bone jewelry.

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