Viking battle helmet / historical Gjermundbu Viking Helmet Reconstruction / Museum quality Replica with Ancient look

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Historical Medieval Viking Age Helmet Reconstruction, Gjermundbu helmet / Museum quality Replica with Ancient Genuine look.
Handmade from 1,2 mm cold Steel plate.

NO LINER - SOLD AS IT IS - As per US Viking Mike report: with sheepskin it works perfectly, no liner needed.

The Gjermundbu helmet is a Viking Age helmet
The helmet was first discovered by accident during 1943 at the Gjermundbu farm near Haugsbygd in the municipality of Ringerike in Buskerud, Norway.

The Gjermundbu helmet was found in nine fragments and was subsequently restored. The helmet was made of iron and was in the shape of a peaked cap made from four plates.

As far as we know, viking period helmets were not lined. They would've been worn over some kind of hat, possibly a hood or a six panel, and would likely have a chinstrap, but I would not consider a lining properly authentic. if you must, use a layer of wool or leather to line the inside, but do not use a later "spider" style suspension liner...

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