Queen Lagertha the Shieldmaiden Historical Look Vikings Round Shield, Fully Functional Battle Shield Replica with Ancient look, D. 80 cm.

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Queen Lagertha the Shieldmaiden Historical Look Vikings Movie Round Shield, Functional, Handmade and Unique

Viking Round Shield. Fully functional battle shield replica with ancient look is typical battle shield for 9-10 Century AD. Hand made with old traditional technologies.

D. 80 cm/31.5 inches

Material: pine tree, linen string, leather, 2 mm hand-forged shield boss and nails.

Weight: about 5 kg

Shipping weight: 7 kg

Only Shield offered for sale in this lot - actual unique piece offer.

Vikings Warrior Historical Round Shield, fully Functional with antique look - Handmade
Historical Nordic style recreation. Painting inspired by Vikings Serial Lagertha Shield.
Materials: Pine tree, forged Shield Boss, also hand-forged Hook and Nails, natural Leather rim cover, linen Rope.

It's really unique handmade Viking Medieval Shield Art piece. Will perfectly suits to Vikings and strong Shieldmaidens. Fine Vikings decor

Shieldmaidens were women who fought alongside Viking men in battle. The existence of shieldmaidens is a matter of historical debate, as there are few written accounts of their existence, but there are some mentions of them in sagas and poems from the Viking Age.
According to some accounts, shieldmaidens were skilled fighters who were trained in the use of weapons and wore armor similar to their male counterparts. They were said to have fought with swords, spears, and shields and were known for their bravery and ferocity in battle.
The role of shieldmaidens in Viking society is not entirely clear, but it is believed that they were a rare and respected group of women who were seen as equals to men in terms of their martial abilities. Some accounts suggest that they may have been associated with the Norse goddesses of war, such as Freyja and Skadi.

However, it's worth noting that the existence of shieldmaidens is debated among historians. Some argue that the references to shieldmaidens in Viking literature are purely mythological and do not reflect actual historical practices. Others suggest that women may have played other important roles in Viking society, such as healers, leaders, or traders, rather than as warriors.
Regardless of the debate around their existence, the idea of the shieldmaiden has captured popular imagination and remains an important part of Viking lore and mythology.
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