​Vikings Wolf Berseker Protection Amulet With Runic Symbol

​Vikings Wolf Berseker Protection Amulet With Runic Symbol
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Brand: AlgizRune Art

Vikings wolf fang protection amulet with Runic symbol.

Runic symbol of your choice.

Size: 3 cm.

Price is for 1 pcs.


God associations: Odin

Symbolism: Prosperity, vitality. Good advice, wisdom, truth, inspiration and enthusiasm.


Symbolism: Protection from enemies, defense of that which one loves. Awakening and strong intuition.

If you get this one, it means that you have the internal power to manifest your dreams and that your spirit guides are protecting you along your path. It is said to act as a shield to guard you against evil. Reversed it means there could be a hidden danger.


God associations: Tyr

Symbolism: Victory, honor.

It shows that you are capable of spearheading your way through all your troubles and possess great leadership skills, authority and rationality. It can indicate victory and knowing of your true strengths with a willingness to self-sacrifice. In Tarot, it can be seen as Justice.


God associations: Freya

Symbolism: Possessions won or earned, earned income, financial strength in the present or near future. Abundance, luck, hope, success, and happiness. Social success. Foresight, fertility, creation and destruction.

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