Old Norse Gods Idols for Pagan Altar (Germanic Gods)

We have deep believe that Historical Old Norse Pagan Gods Idols for offerings and protection were in reality very simple in their forms and sometimes even schematic. We made our new collection for your Altars, Hörgr very simple in minimalism style but with clear figurines attribution to Allfather God Odin, Freya and God Thor. As all our hand-carved artworks, Norse Gods wooden Idols are all unique and there is no mass production. We use all natural Basswood, make it patinated and adding flax seed oil and organic beeswax for wood conservation to serve well to you and your future generations.

We are also opened for custom orders with your unique design and ideas.

Thank you for being with us

Z-Rune Norse Pagan Arts Workshop Team

The Germanic gods are a group of deities who were worshipped by the ancient Germanic peoples, including the Norse, Anglo-Saxons, and Continental Germanic tribes. The Germanic pantheon is rich and diverse, with numerous gods and goddesses who embody different aspects of nature, human life, and the universe.

Here is an overview of some of the most well-known Germanic gods:

  • Odin: The chief of the gods, associated with wisdom, knowledge, and war. He is often depicted with a long beard and one eye.
  • Thor: The god of thunder and lightning, associated with strength, courage, and protection.
  • Freyja: The goddess of love, fertility, and war. She is also associated with magic and divination.
  • Freyr: The god of fertility, agriculture, and prosperity. He is associated with the sun and the harvest.
  • Tyr: The god of law and justice, often depicted as a one-handed warrior.
  • Loki: The trickster god, known for his mischievous behavior and cunning nature.

Modern paganism, also known as neopaganism, is a diverse movement that draws on various ancient and traditional spiritual practices, including the worship of the Germanic gods. Many modern pagans are drawn to the rich mythology and symbolism of the Germanic pantheon, and see the gods and goddesses as powerful archetypes that can help to guide and inspire their spiritual journey.

Modern paganism often emphasizes the importance of personal experience and spiritual growth, and many pagans see their relationship with the gods as a deeply personal and transformative one. Practices such as ritual, meditation, and divination are often used to connect with the Germanic gods and seek their guidance and wisdom.

Overall, the Germanic gods continue to play an important role in modern paganism, serving as powerful symbols of the natural world, human life, and the mysteries of the universe.

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