Best Offer for my FB Friends! Handmade Odin Cross, Viking Solar Necklace, Hand-Carved in Bone Pagan Jewellery Collection

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Special Offer for Handmade Odin Cross / Solar Amulets,

Traditional Norse bone carving. High-quality polished cattle bone.

Price for 1 piece of your choice: size 2,7 cm and 3,2 cm.

IMPORTANT! To offer this price, I will use shipping option without tracking so we will save about $ 6 - 7 on each shipping.

Thank u all for your support of Independent Pagan Artisans!

Most popular Pagan amulet. Good positive energy. 100% handmade.

Shipping from our Poland / EU gallery

I have many inquires for smaller bone Solar Amulet so the job is completed and I am happy to offer it with lowest price on the Market.

Each piece is 100% handmade and unique - highest quality - any bone amulet will works for you and your family 1000 years:)

You can choose the one you prefer on checkout.

Amulets description:

Handmade Sun Wheel necklace - Pagan Odin's Cross carved in bone.
Special offer - this beautiful hand-crafted buffalo bone necklace will suits both Vikings and Shieldmaden.
Customisation is possible - DM in case you wish to add some Runes, Names or symbols. Customisation cost $ 5 only.

Vikings Pagan Solar Amulet, Odin cross pendant, each piece is a unique ox bone carving, handmade. This amulet also called Solkor.

This particular pendant became popular also because of Einar Selvik / Kvitrafn (White Raven) from Wardruna wear it. This pendand looks to be his most popular piece of Pagan bone carved jewelry.

Vikings Pagan Amulet - Beautiful handcrafted bone items and curios from Algizrune Workshop
Handmade in Europe.
This pendant also famous because Einar Selvik Wardruna leader wear one...

The Vikings used a variety of materials, including bone and antler, for the creation of their amulets and jewelry.

Bone and antler were commonly used because they were readily available and easy to work with, and could be carved and shaped into intricate designs. Vikings used animal bones and antlers from animals such as reindeer, moose and elks to create items such as pendants, brooches, and pins.

The Vikings also believed that certain bones and antlers held special powers and significance. For example, the antlers of a stag were believed to represent fertility and virility, and were sometimes used in love charms and potions. Bones and antlers were also believed to hold spiritual power and were often used in ritual and religious ceremonies.

Overall, bone and antler were important materials in Viking jewelry making, and their use contributed to the unique style and craftsmanship of Viking art.

There are many names we can find for Solar Symbols: Sun talisman, Solar charm, Sun symbol, Solar pendant, Sun amulet, Solar medallion, Sun token, Solar ornament, Sun trinket, Solar jewelry, Sun necklace, Solar artifact, Sun emblem, Solar keepsake, Sun memorabilia, Solar souvenir, Sun memento, Solar relic, Sun treasure, Solar heirloom, Sun charm, Solar icon, Sun totem, Solar sculpture, Sun figurine, Solar statuette, Sun idol, Solar effigy, Sun image, Solar representation, Sun sign, Solar insignia.

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