Handmade Mjolnir

A hand forged, casted or carved from bone historical Mjölnir collection from Algizrune Workshop Ukraine offered for sale at www.z-rune.com - European Norse Pagan Arts Shop.

Each amulet supplied with a high quality leather / cotton thread and the price includes postage fees. Free shipping worldwide offer.

We are forging Mjolnirs from metals: Silver and bronze mainly and also carving from Moose antlers - high quality bone.

Thor's hammer or Mjölnir is a symbol of the God of Thunder Thor and represent strength, glory, honour and courage. It is the tool with which order is brought to chaos.

This Item is traditionally forged by hand so each one remains an individual piece and they can be customized further by adding a desired rune in the middle of it. Customization is possible on request. Authentic Vikings jewelry made in a way our Norse ancestors did 1000 years back.

Mjolnir, also known as Thor's Hammer, was a popular amulet during the Viking Age because it was associated with the god Thor, who was a central figure in Norse mythology. Thor was considered to be the god of thunder and lightning, and was believed to be a powerful protector against enemies and evil spirits.

Mjolnir was a symbol of Thor's strength and power, and was believed to have the power to protect its wearer and bring good fortune. The hammer was often worn as an amulet or talisman, and was believed to provide protection in battle, help with fertility and childbirth, and bring luck and prosperity to its owner.

In addition to its protective and auspicious qualities, Mjolnir also represented Thor's role as a defender of the gods and of humanity. The hammer was seen as a symbol of courage, strength, and resilience, and was often used as a symbol of defiance against enemies and adversity.

The symbol of Mjolnir is typically represented by a hammer or an axe with a distinctive shape, featuring a short handle and a wide, flat head with two curved sides. The shape is believed to have been inspired by actual Viking Age hammers and axes, which were designed for both practical and symbolic purposes.

Overall, the popularity of Mjolnir as an amulet during the Viking Age can be attributed to its association with the powerful and protective god Thor, as well as its symbolism of strength, resilience, and good fortune.

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