Historical Celtic Triskelion Bone Pendant (6 raven heads), Celtic Pagan Triskele amulet, Infinity amulet, bone carving, Hand-made, Hand-carved in bone

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Handmade Historical Celtic Pagan pendant, Triskele necklace Infinity amulet (6 raven heads Amulet), Inspired by Prehistoric Early Iron Age artefact - check additional photo to this lot)
Triskelion is a truly ancient symbol with its original meaning now clouded in history. It is most commonly associated with Celtic archaeological culture and regarded as a symbol of eternity. The Algizrune Norse Pagan Arts Workshop triskelion pendant is made from high quality Cattle Bone and will work for you 1000 years.
Size: H. 3,7 cm (Minimalistic Historical Celts Art)
Material: Cattle Bone
Amulet coming with cotton or leather cord (seller choice).
The triskele is a three-legged symbol that has been used by many cultures throughout history, including the ancient Celts, Greeks, and Romans. In the context of ancient Celtic culture, the triskele was often used as a decorative motif and symbol of spiritual significance.
The meaning of the triskele in Celtic culture is not entirely clear, as the Celts did not leave behind a written record of their beliefs and practices. However, many scholars believe that the triskele may have been associated with themes of power, eternity, and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.
Some interpretations of the triskele suggest that its three legs represent the three realms of existence: the physical, the mental, and the spiritual. Others believe that the symbol may have been connected to the threefold aspect of the Celtic goddess, who was often depicted in three forms: maiden, mother, and crone.
In modern times, the triskele has become a popular symbol of Celtic heritage and has been incorporated into many designs, including jewelry, tattoos, and artwork. It is often used as a symbol of personal growth, transformation, and spiritual development.
In general, while the meaning of the triskele in ancient Celtic culture may not be fully known, its enduring popularity suggests that it continues to resonate with people today as a symbol of spiritual significance and personal growth.
It's really unique and clean artwork - handmade bone carving

Historical Ancient Celtic Jewellery Recreation project initiated by Algizrune Norse Pagan Arts Workshop.

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