Historical Vikings Völva / Shaman ritual knife, Curved blade

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Historical Vikings Völva / Shaman ritual knife (Antient forged blade and Modern Moose antler carved handle in the form of Dragon)

Very rare for Viking age curved blade and feasible size. Unique gift for Viking age artefacts collectors.

Size: L. 28 cm. (Blade length - 18 cm.)

Völva the Viking Witch or Seeress. Völva (plural: Völur) were women in Viking Age Scandinavia who were believed to have had the ability to communicate with the gods and spirits and could perform divination and magic. They were highly respected and influential figures in Norse society.

The term "Völva" literally means "staff-carrying woman" and referred to the wand or staff that the Völva used in her rituals. They were often called upon to perform important religious and ceremonial roles, such as predicting the outcome of battles, offering advice to kings and leaders, and performing rites for the dead.

Völur were also known for their ability to enter a state of trance or ecstasy, which was believed to enhance their powers of divination and prophecy. They would often recite poetry and sing songs, which were thought to be inspired by the gods and spirits.

In addition to their religious and ceremonial roles, Völur also played an important social and political role in Viking Age society. They were often consulted by leaders and were respected for their wisdom and insight. They were also known to act as intermediaries between different groups, helping to resolve disputes and bring about peace.

Overall, Völur were highly respected and influential figures in Viking Age society, and their role in religious and social life was crucial to the functioning of Norse culture.

Historical knife recreation, Handmade moose antlers handle in the form of Dragon with Runic Symbol - Tiwaz Rune associated with God of War Tyr.
Antique Forged blades used for this project.

The most beautiful historical Viking knife replicas are a stunning homage to the craftsmanship of the ancient Norse culture. These knives are handcrafted by skilled artisans, who have studied and replicated the design and techniques of the Viking era.

Each knife is made with the utmost attention to detail, with the blades made in Medieval times. The handles are often made from bone, antler and feature intricate carvings and designs that are true to the Viking aesthetic.

These knives are not only beautiful, but they are also good investment as their popularity growing. They are also perfect for collectors or enthusiasts who appreciate the rich history and artistry of the Viking culture.

Overall, these historical Viking knife replicas are a testament to the enduring beauty and quality of ancient craftsmanship. They are a stunning addition to any collection, and a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates the history and artistry of the Viking culture.

This kind of knives first became popular in UK but you can find them in US and Canada collections as well now. Popular gift for Viking Art collectors.

Museum quality artefact replica.

Custom orders invited.

Viking knives were an essential tool for the Vikings and were commonly used for daily tasks such as cutting meat, woodwork, and even self-defense. Here are some facts and historical motifs related to Viking knives:

Material: Viking knives were typically made from iron, but higher-status knives were sometimes made from steel. The handle was often made from wood, bone, antler, or horn, and sometimes featured intricate carvings or inlays.

Blade Shape: The blade of a Viking knife was usually straight, with a single cutting edge. Some knives had a curved blade, which was better suited for slicing and cutting.

Motifs: Viking knives often featured intricate designs and motifs, which were intended to convey the owner's status and wealth. Common motifs included geometric shapes, animals (such as wolves and serpents, birds, ravens), and mythological figures (such as Odin and Thor).

Uses: Viking knives were used for a variety of purposes, including cooking, eating, hunting, and fighting. They were an essential tool for the Vikings, who relied on them for survival.

Symbolism: In Viking culture, knives were often seen as symbols of power and authority. They were frequently used in rituals and ceremonies, and were sometimes buried with their owners as a sign of their importance.

Historical significance: Viking knives have been found at archaeological sites throughout Scandinavia and Europe, providing valuable insights into Viking culture and technology. They were also a common trade item, and were traded throughout the Viking world and beyond.

Overall, Viking knives were more than just simple tools; they were a reflection of Viking culture and society, and remain an enduring symbol of this fascinating period in history.

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