NEW! Bear Paw Necklace / Bearwarrior Berserk Amulet, High Style Hand-Carved Pagan Amulet

NEW! Bear Paw Necklace / Bearwarrior Berserk Amulet, High Style Hand-Carved Pagan Amulet
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Unleash the spirit of the Bearwarrior with our Berserk Amulet, a traditional Scandinavian carving handcrafted from black buffalo horn.

Bearwarrior Legacy: In Viking mythology, Odin and Thor would often take on the form of bears during their visits to the human world. Bears, revered as forefathers in ancient times, symbolize wisdom, strength, and healing, bringing balance to the seen and unseen worlds.

Viking Heritage: Embrace the tradition of bone and horn jewelry, a common adornment among Viking-age people. The amulet is a homage to the strength and durability of natural bull horn, historically used in weapons and jewelry.

Perfect Size: The amulet measures about 5 cm (1.96 inches), making it a striking yet wearable piece of Viking-inspired craftsmanship.

Hand-Carved Mastery: Meticulously hand-carved, each amulet is a unique masterpiece. Due to the artisanal process, expect slight variations in details and sizes, adding to the charm of your one-of-a-kind piece.

Swift Creation: Your amulet will be crafted with care within 2-3 days from the date of purchase.

Handle with Care: To preserve its allure, avoid protracted heat, contact with water, and household chemicals. This amulet is a testament to both the artistry and durability of Viking craftsmanship.

Berserker Legacy: Dive into the history of Viking-age berserkers, warriors known for their fierce, trance-like battle fury. The amulet captures the essence of their strength and connection to animal spirits. Visit for Viking Art and Jewellery collection from European Pagan Artisans.

🔗 Connect with History: Wear a piece that not only reflects Viking aesthetics but also carries the spirit of ancient traditions and symbolism.

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