Norse / Kievan Rus Lunar necklace with curvilinear abstract serpents and dots pattern, Hand-casting using lost wax model

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Norse / Kievan Rus Lunar necklace with curvilinear abstract serpents and dots pattern.

This fine piece of jewelry is hand-casted in pure silver with old traditional technologies. This amulet is full of style and is a fine gift for Viking Ladies and Shieldmaidens.

This type of jewelry were popular among Upper Class in Roman Empire but was accepted by Vikings as well. The metal Viking artisans uses was usually bronze but many fine Silver Lunula with filigree also recorded.

Material: silver 925

Size: 28х26mm ( 1.12х1.04 inches )

Lunula (amulet)

A lunula (plural: lunulae) was a crescent moon shaped pendant worn by upper class girls in Ancient Rome. Girls ideally wore them as an apotropaic amulet, the equivalent of the boy's bulla symbol. In the popular belief the Roman people wore amulets usually as a talisman, to protect themselves against evil forces, demons and sorcery, but especially against the evil eye.

In Plautus` famous play, Epidicus asks the young girl Telestis: "Don't you remember my bringing you a gold lunula on your birthday, and a little gold ring for your finger?" An explicit definition is provided by Isidore of Seville: "Lunulae are female ornaments in the likeness of the moon, little hanging gold bullae." But in Plautus' play Rudens, Palaestra says her father gave her a golden bulla on the day of her birth.

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