SOLD, Norse knife / Yakut shape Knife with Dragon Pattern, Hand forged, Moose Antlers Carved Handle

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Very special North / Yakut shape knife with Vikings Raven motif, handforged and professionally sharpened (offer for 1 piece only - extra photos for other Viking knives from our collection)

Blade size: 135 mm. / 5.315 inches.

Total length: 28 cm / 11 Inches.

This special forged steel has high cutting properties, much higher from stainless steel. But you should care for it - just keep it dry place after usage - it may get dark patina with time that will work as steel protection - in any case you should care about your knife, even stainless steel grades have oxidation if you keep it in wet place.

The bone, moose antlers and wood appeared to be the most affordable raw materials used to carve and design ornate pieces and a common feature among Viking jewelry was animal designs taken from nature & Norse mythology. Bone jewellery was common among Viking men and women.

Norse knives, also known as Viking knives, have been popular for centuries for their practicality, durability, and unique style. Here are some examples of the popularity of Norse knives for different occasions:

  1. Everyday Use: Norse knives were traditionally used as everyday tools for hunting, fishing, and general household tasks. Their sturdy construction and sharp blades made them ideal for cutting through tough materials such as leather, bone, and wood.
  2. Outdoor Activities: For those who enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and survivalism, Norse knives are an excellent choice. They can be used for everything from building shelter to preparing food, and their rugged design and durability make them well-suited for outdoor environments.
  3. Cosplay and LARPing: Norse knives are a popular accessory for fans of Norse mythology, historical reenactment, and live-action role-playing (LARPing). Their distinctive design and craftsmanship make them an excellent prop for costume and character building.
  4. Collectibles: Many people collect Norse knives as a hobby or for their historical and cultural significance. Some knives feature intricate designs and engravings that showcase the artistry and craftsmanship of Norse culture.
  5. Gifts: A well-crafted Norse knife can make a unique and thoughtful gift for someone who appreciates Norse mythology, history, or culture. They are often given as groomsmen gifts, Father's Day gifts, or for other special occasions.

In general, Norse knives have a wide range of practical and cultural uses, and their popularity has remained strong throughout history. Whether for everyday use, outdoor activities, cosplay, collecting, or gifting, Norse knives continue to be a unique and enduring symbol of Norse culture and tradition.

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