Small North Knife / Yakut shape Knife with Raven Pattern, Boot Knife, Hand forged Blade, Antlers Carved Handle

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Very special North / Yakut shape knife with Vikings Odin Raven motif, hand forged and professionally sharpened.

Made in Europe by Algizrune Forge.

This type of small knives also called Boot knife. In some countries like Scotland small knifes is a part of National dress.

Blade size: 70 mm. / 2.76 inches.

This specially forged steel has high cutting properties, much higher from stainless steel. But you should care for this kind of steel - just keep it dry after usage - it may get dark patina with time that will work as steel protection - in any case you should care about your knife, even stainless steel grades have oxidation if you keep it in wet place.

The bone, moose antlers and wood appeared to be the most affordable raw materials used to carve and design ornate pieces and a common feature among Viking jewelry was animal designs taken from nature & Norse mythology. Bone jewellery was common among Viking men and women.

Norse knives, also known as Scandinavian knives, have several specific features that make them distinct from other types of knives:

  1. Blade Shape: Norse knives typically have a distinctive blade shape that is long and straight with a slight curve towards the tip. This shape allows for both slicing and thrusting motions, making it a versatile tool.
  2. Materials: Historically, Norse knives were made from locally available materials, such as iron or steel, and often had handles made from bone, antler, or wood. Today, modern versions of Norse knives may also use materials such as synthetic materials or stabilized woods.
  3. Tang: Norse knives typically have a full tang, which means that the blade extends all the way through the handle, providing strength and stability.
  4. Scandi Grind: Norse knives often have a specific type of grind called a Scandi grind, which is a flat grind that begins at the spine of the blade and tapers down to the edge. This type of grind provides a strong edge and is easy to sharpen.

Overall, Norse knives are designed to be strong, versatile, and reliable tools that can be used for a variety of tasks, from woodworking and hunting to everyday use.

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