Anglo-Saxon Seax Dagger, Antlers Carved Handle (High Carbon Hand-Forged Steel Blade)

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Brand: Z-Rune Norse Pagan Arts Workshop

Unique Viking motifs Seax knife known as Anglo-Saxon type / Norse battle dagger is hand-forged from highly reliable high carbon steel.

The handle is hand-carved from moose antlers (Viking pattern with raven)

L. 38 cm / 15 inches

Raven plays an important role in Norse mythology because crow is closely related to Odin. Raven is the holy bird around Odin. In Norse mythology, Huginn and Muninn are two ravens kept by Odin. The name Huggin means “idea” while Muninn means “memory’. Every morning they fly to the human world at dawn, and report back to Odin in the evening. They always rest at Odin’s shoulders and whisper to him. Therefore, Odin is also referred to as “the God of the raven”.

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