Odin Cross, Viking Solar Necklace With Odin Rune, Hand-Carved, Moose Antlers

Odin Cross, Viking Solar Necklace With Odin Rune, Hand-Carved, Moose Antlers
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Brand: AlgizRune Art

Odin Cross, Solkor: Viking Solar Amulet with Odin Rune

This exquisite pendant, crafted in the tradition of Norse bone carving, holds the essence of ancient Nordic spirituality. Renowned for its association with Einar Selvik, the esteemed leader of Wardruna Norse Music Band, this amulet exudes positivity and vitality, making it a cherished piece among devotees of Pagan culture. Its timeless design and symbolic significance make it a fitting adornment for both Vikings and Shieldmaidens alike.

Price: For 1 piece

Size: 3 cm / 1.18 inches

Material: Moose antlers - Sourced ethically, these antlers are shed naturally by moose between late March and mid-April. Known for their strength and durability since ancient times, moose antlers have been utilized in the crafting of weapons and jewelry, imbuing this amulet with a sense of authenticity and connection to Norse heritage.

Recommendations for Wear and Storage: To preserve its integrity, avoid prolonged exposure to heat (such as saunas or direct sunlight), as well as extended contact with water and household chemicals.

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  • Historical Norse People amulets hand-carved in bone and wood
  • Pagan pendants, necklaces, and totemic artworks
  • Norse Pagan rituals and altars
  • Vikings traditional gifts

This Odin Cross, or Solkor, is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of reverence for ancient Norse beliefs and traditions. Embrace the spirit of the Vikings with this meticulously crafted amulet, perfect for honoring your connection to Norse heritage and spirituality

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