Viking Axe Drakkar / Langskip Wall Mount Holder, Hand-Forged Ironwork

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Viking Axe Wall mount holder in the shape of Drakkar.

Drakkar Vikings battle ship - Hand forged Ironwork - Battle axe wall mounted display stand. You can choose any place for you valuable Viking Axe now and put your battle Axe on the special place it deserves.
Size: 30 x 23 cm.
Shipping weight: 1 kg.

Material: Steel, Re-Enactor’s Supplies, Hand forged Ironwork

Hand forged with old traditional technologies Viking Axe wall mount / holder / stand / special Viking style wall decoration to display your Scandinavian Axe.

Product Tags: Viking Axe decor, Norse Viking Axe Wall mount, Wall stand for Viking battle axe

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