Viking Odin Bear Warriors, Berserker Amulet, Hand Carved, Moose Antlers

Viking Odin Bear Warriors, Berserker Amulet, Hand Carved, Moose Antlers
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Immerse yourself in the mystique of Norse tradition with our Bear Warriors Berserker Amulet, a masterful blend of craftsmanship and symbolism. Hand-carved from ethically sourced moose antlers, this pendant embodies the rich heritage of Viking culture.

The intricate design features the revered Bear, a symbol synonymous with wisdom, strength, and healing in Norse mythology. Bears were believed to be the forefathers of humanity, embodying a powerful connection between the seen and unseen worlds.

Adding an extra layer of protection, the Slavic Kolowrat/Sun symbol, an ancient Swastika motif, graces this amulet. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this symbol enhances the amulet's spiritual significance, offering wearers a sense of security and guidance.

Measuring 6 cm in size, this unique piece showcases the artistry of Norse artisans. Moose antlers, known for their strength and durability, were prized materials in Viking craftsmanship, used for weapons, jewelry, and protective talismans.

Each amulet is hand-carved, ensuring its distinctiveness and individual character. While creation time ranges from 1 to 3 days, please note that slight variations in size and detail may occur due to the handmade nature of the process.

To preserve its beauty, we recommend avoiding prolonged exposure to heat, water, and household chemicals. Whether worn as a statement piece or cherished as a keepsake, our Bear Warriors Berserker Amulet embodies the spirit of ancient Norse tradition, bringing a touch of mysticism to your everyday life.

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