Viking Raven Pendant, Hand-Carved from Moose Antlers, Calgary, Alberta

Viking Raven Pendant, Hand-Carved from Moose Antlers, Calgary, Alberta
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Brand: AlgizRune Art
Odin's Handcrafted Raven Amulet, artwork devoted to the Allfather in Traditional Norse Netsuke Carving.
Embrace the ancient allure of Norse mythology with our meticulously crafted Raven Amulet, an homage to the Allfather, Odin. Each piece is masterfully carved from moose antlers with precision and reverence for the rich tapestry of Viking art and history.
At 6.5 cm (2.3 inches) in size, this pendant embodies both elegance and strength, making it a captivating addition to any collection of Viking artifacts. The intricate detailing of the traditional Norse netsuke carving ensures that each raven is imbued with its own unique character, reminiscent of the craftsmanship valued by our ancestors.
Our commitment to authenticity extends beyond artistry to sustainability. Rest assured, no animals were harmed in the making of this pendant. The moose antlers used are sourced ethically, as these majestic creatures naturally shed their antlers from late March to mid-April. Harnessing their enduring strength and durability, our artisans transform these antlers into timeless pieces of jewelry that pay homage to Viking heritage.
Whether you're a devoted enthusiast of Viking culture or simply appreciate fine craftsmanship, our Raven Amulet is the perfect choice. It serves not only as a symbol of Odin's wisdom and foresight but also as a testament to the resilience of ancient traditions in the modern world.
Order now and experience the essence of Viking artistry, shipped directly from Calgary, Alberta. But remember, to preserve its beauty for generations to come, take heed of our recommendations for wear and storage. Avoid prolonged exposure to heat, water, and household chemicals, ensuring that your Raven Amulet remains a cherished keepsake for years to come.
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