Handmade amulets for Shieldmaiden

Fine Shieldmaiden - Viking Woman Gifts Collection from Algiz-Rune Workshop

Viking Age women wore a variety of clothing and hairstyles, and often adorned themselves with jewelry and amulets that held both practical and symbolic significance.

The basic Viking Age women's costume consisted of a linen or woolen underdress, a woolen overdress with a belt at the waist, and a woolen cloak or shawl for warmth. The dresses were often decorated with embroidery or other embellishments, and could be dyed in a variety of colors. Women also wore leather or fur boots or shoes to protect their feet.

Viking women often braided their hair, sometimes adding beads or metal clasps to hold the braids in place. The style of the braids could vary depending on the occasion and the woman's social status. Married women often covered their hair with a headscarf or a hooded cloak.

Viking women also wore a variety of jewelry and amulets, many of which were believed to offer protection or bring good luck. Some common pieces of jewelry included:

  1. Brooches - used to fasten clothing and often decorated with intricate designs.
  2. Necklaces - made of beads, silver, or gold, sometimes with pendants or amulets.
  3. Arm rings - made of twisted or braided silver or gold wire, worn on the upper arm.
  4. Rings - made of silver, gold or bronze, often with intricate knotwork designs or inscriptions.
  5. Thor's hammer pendants - made of silver or bronze, worn for protection and to honor the god Thor.
  6. Animal-shaped amulets - made of bone, amber, or other materials, worn for protection and to symbolize the wearer's connection to the natural world.
  7. Runestones - small stones with runic inscriptions, believed to have magical powers and used for divination or protection.
  8. Lunar pendants or Lunula - different in shape amulets worn as protection and symbol of fertility.

Viking women's jewelry and amulets were often passed down through generations and could hold great sentimental value. They were also an important way for women to express their identity and status within their community. Overall, Viking women's costume, hairstyle, and jewelry reflected their connection to the natural world, their cultural traditions, and their belief in the power of symbols and magic.

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