Viking Historical Silversmithing

The main elements of Viking ornaments are stylized images of animals, plants, leaves, curls and geometric shapes. In addition to abstract complex patterns, Viking artifacts represent images of heroes of myths, legends and religious rituals.

Many artifacts were the symbols of the gods and were protective amulets or amulets that impart strength, intelligence or beauty. For example, Odin, the dominant god of the Vikings, strove to gain as much knowledge as possible. His embodiment, two crows and a wolf, represents memory and thinking.

Another popular symbol in Scandinavian jewelry is the hammer of Thor, the fearsome storm god. These amulets were worn by warriors who needed strength and luck. Success in love and beauty was promised by the image of the goddess Freya with a special Brisingamen necklace. An animal representing a goddess, is a falcon.
Vikings, the conquerors of new lands, also worshiped the gods of fertility. Their symbols can often be found in jewelry: the foot of the sea god Njord and the golden boar, the embodiment of the God Freyr, a ruler of peace and fertility, rain, and sunshine.